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Be a Foodbank Rainmaker!

Regular donations are the most effective way to support Foodbank Canterbury, as your kindness and generosity provide us an effective platform to expand our reach for a greater impact. Foodbank Canterbury is incorporated as a Charitable Trust under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957   # 2652071 and a Registered Charity CC53888 and all donations are tax deductable.  Joining Foodbank’s Rainmaker Programme is as easy as setting up a recurring payment through one of the following options:

  • Online banking


All major online banking systems allow you to setup flexible recurring payments (e.g. weekly, monthly). This is typically used to automate things like rental payments and transfers to savings account. This same function can be used to automate transfer of donations to our account below. Please include your name or company name as a reference for the donation.


Account name: Foodbank Canterbury                                      

Account number: 06 0879 0948408 00

  • Automatic payment via Authority Form   

Should you have any challenges with the online banking approach, the other option is to download the Foodbank Automatic Payment Authority form, print it, complete it (don't forget to sign it!), then drop it off at your bank. You could even post it (see address below) to us and we can take it from there. 

Foodbank Canterbury at PO Box 167 Christchurch 8140

Please contact us if you need help setting up your Rainmaker Giving Programme or if you require receipts. Remember, all donations are tax deductible! 

One-off donations

  • Online Banking

 Account name: Foodbank Canterbury
 Account number: 06-0879-0948408-00              

Please include your name or company name as a reference for the donation.

  • Cheque


You may have heard that the major New Zealand banks either have or are planning to phase out the use of cheques this year.     

We know that many of our valued donors prefer to make payments by cheque, but our bank (ANZ) no longer accepts cheques as payment. Please use Online Banking or the Credit Card option for payments.

  • Credit Card


Under Construction - will be available soon  ...  ...  our apologies

Contribute Financially!

Donate Funds

We are powered by positivity, but lets face it, we also need money to run our operations. Help us to help others!

Donate Funds: Service
Donate Funds: Service

Donation Guidelines


15 meals


20 meals


50 meals


100 meals

Requests for Receipts

So that we can provide you with a tax receipt, please provide us with the following information:                            

Thanks! Message sent.

Donate Funds: Request For Receipts
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