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A new record ... ...

The month of July has been outstanding for City Harvest Food Rescue with a new record volume of food rescued, sorted and redistributed ... ...

31.6 tonnes which translates into 90,340 meals for those in need/at-risk individuals, whanau and kids of Canterbury!

** For all citizens - a healthier environment by reducing landfill gas emissions by just on 25,000kgs!

Thanks to all our Food Donor Partners, our small passionate staff and our wonderful, dedicated team of volunteers!!

Redistributing this food to the registered charities we serve, reduces their grocery bill, freeing up funds that can then be reinvested in other vital services like medical/financial support and counselling.

" So many people are benefiting from the food that would once have been wasted. Its really having a positive impact on a huge number of people who otherwise would manage without much of the variety of food they can access through what you supply. "

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