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Corporations provide nonprofits with financial support, and in return, nonprofits provide corporatio

Regardless of its relatively small size, ‘Cause Sponsorship’ is a growing interest in New Zealand. That’s because corporate social responsibility has become an indispensable tool for brands looking to set themselves apart from the competition.

Recent studies suggest that millennials have driven the social responsibility movement, with 70 percent of them reporting that they'll spend more with brands that support causes.

Generally, consumers today expect companies to do their part in the issues that are important to them. They expect companies to contribute to the collective well being.

This means that being associated with a cause is an effective way for companies to get involved socially and earn the approval of their consumers. With companies keen to be seen as good corporate citizens, supporting a good cause is an effective way to enhance their image.

And this enhancement can be significant: a recent study in Australia showed that 91% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality. No longer is ‘we are the cheaper alternative’ carrying as much importance, especially on a higher dollar value product or service.

Nonprofits and their corporate colleagues have a codependent relationship – and it is not all one-sided. Choosing the right sponsor is as critical for non-profit organisations as much as is the converse. Branding, image, reach and ethics all being major criteria for consideration. Community impact also needs to be apparent.

Not only can a nonprofit good cause sponsorship programme help change your business image It can also have a dramatic impact on others including your business associates and employees – there is a proven pass through affecting work culture.

Employee Morale … … Increased Marketing … … Tax Deduction possibility … … Community Goodwill - it's Good for Your Community

The notion of "giving back" may be very powerful for your company's overall purpose and not to mention, it's sales. It is a bottom-line consideration.

Since its founding not three years’ ago, City Harvest Food Rescue has had a major impact on the citizens of the Greater Christchurch … … over 1 Million meals resourced for those individuals, whanau and children in immediate need; over 350,000kg reduction in greenhouse emissions from our landfills – a benefit to the health of all our citizens.

But this work comes at a cost. As a 100% nonprofit organisation CHFR needs every dollar it can raise. And the benefits of being associated with such a high impact organisation – the Westpac Business Champion Supreme Awards winner for small enterprises in 2018 – can be of great benefit to your organisation.

OK – What next?

Call John today on 022-162-1104 for more information and arrange a tour of the CHFR facilities to meet the crew, volunteers and see the work for yourself! Then get on board – your partnership will be appreciated.

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