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Throughout 2020 we learned one lesson: we can never be prepared for what’s to come. But 2020 also proved how resilient, flexible, and adaptable Foodbank Canterbury was in the face of adversity.

As the non-profit sector in general continues to face the lingering effects of an ongoing pandemic and economic recession, even more challenges await us in 2021.

In 2020, we experienced a disruption like never before. Every region, all our agencies and people were impacted. We looked around and saw the amount of pain and distress that was tragically so rapidly spreading across our regions. And yet in most cases, we witnessed an inspiring level of resilience and ‘let’s get through this together!’. It was a sense of Kia tu̅pore – let’s be kind.

At FBC It forced us to replace our business-as-usual with a somewhat new approach grounded in innovation and possibility whilst remaining true to our Kaupapa … … we dared to believe!

Last year, Foodbank Canterbury sourced 922,000 kilograms of food and groceries through both donations from our awesome Food Donor Partners and the supplemental purchase of key staple items, thanks to our generous funding partners. This record volume of food equates to 2.65 million meals throughout our Canterbury, Mid- and South Canterbury and the West Coast communities – an increase of 44 percent on 2019, enabling Foodbank to generate a social return on its activities worth more than $21 million! We are so grateful to all our donors, our funders and partners - without your support we simply couldn’t have responded in the way we did to ensure no one was left behind. Our thanks to all those who have dared to believe with us.


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